Hi! I'm Kerri.

I’m a food-as-medicine advocate, a lifelong seeker of knowledge, a foodie, a HELPER by nature and somebody who understands the struggle of dealing with health issues in this conventional world.  I have time and time again witnessed the power that a healthy diet has on transforming somebody’s health.  I’m here to help you do the same.  Let’s begin! 

About Me, Professionally.

I’ve been a registered and licensed dietitian since 2010. From the very beginning, I started my career from an integrative and holistic approach.  I completed my undergraduate degree in nutrition & dietetics from Bastyr University, which is a university rooted in naturopathic principles.  

I then completed by master’s degree in nutrition and functional medicine, learning from some of the brightest minds in the field.  This laid the foundation for my expertise in the world of functional medicine.  

My learning didn’t stop there! I’m an avid conference go-er, seminar taker, certification seeker and researcher.   I’ve helped develop conference presentations for prominent doctors in functional medicine.   I also obtained professional certification as a certified diabetes educator and am working on my board certification as a pediatric specialist.  

I’ve been debuted in the media, from articles I’ve written to news spotlights and video segments.  

Before opening up my private practice, I worked in many settings, some highlights include…

  • Developed and taught nutrition education and culinary classes to adults and children throughout Florida
  • Worked with functional medicine doctors in a large group practice
  • Worked at a functional medicine laboratory educating other practitioners about how to interpret labs as well as creating educational curriculum and interpretive guides for the lab

But ultimately, in order to help people the BEST way that I know how, I opened my private practice.  Welcome, to Kerr Nutrition! 


"To reclaim and transform your health, one bite at a time"

About Me, Personally.

There’s so much more to about me than just where I graduated and what certifications I have.  Let’s begin with what inspired me to enter nutrition in the first place.  Well, my grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer and opted to heal herself with alternative means, focusing on nutrition and lifestyle changes.  She managed to keep herself in remission for 20+ years with her dietary approach, and that’s when I became fascinated.

I was awed by the thought that someone could have such a dramatic impact on their health from changing what they eat, and focusing on simple lifestyle interventions.  So, my journey began….

I tackled my own health issues.  I had suffered from eczema since I was a baby.  The steroid creams and other interventions recommended to me never worked, so I focused on the root of what was causing my flares … and no more eczema!

But one of the most defining moments of my life was when I became a mother.  I gave birth to 24-week preemie twins.  I then started this unbelievably challenging journey of being a mother of special needs kids.  I witnessed first hand the challenges that conventional medicine offers.  

Just to be clear, I am amazed at what our doctors and hospitals are capable of.  They saved my preemies lives, 100%.  But I also witnessed the limitations.  Gut issues, chronic vomiting, constipation, reflux, neurological dysfunction ….so many things my kids struggled with that were only offered medications, that didn’t work.  So I focused on the foundations, implemented a functional medicine approach and saw them thrive.  I became an expert in tube feeding and blenderized diets and took my expertise in gut health and neurological health to the next level.  

And my passion to help others was fueled even more …. I know that there are so many ways to help families, to decrease the struggle, to get rid of symptoms, and to improve their quality of life.  And that’s what I want to help do for you! There are other ways.  Let me show you… 


integrative medicine

Focuses on the body as a whole, understanding the interconnectedness of the systems and how everything is 'integrated' together. The brain is not separate from the gut, which is not separate from neurology, and so on and so on. We can not treat each system as if it exists in isolation. We must approach health from a WHOLE standpoint.

food-as-medicine approach

Food contains so many therapeutic properties, vitamins, minerals, and compounds that are essential for our body to function optimally. We want to capitalize on the food we're eating to nourish the body and use it as an opportunity to be our 'medicine.'

Individualized approach

One size does not fit all! This is so, so important! What does YOUR body need? You are a unique individual with a specific genetic makeup that has different needs than someone else. This is why you may find a 'fad' diet works for one person and completely sabotages another persons health. Let's figure out the recipe for YOUR health to thrive.

functional medicine

Focuses on the root-cause of dysfunction in the body. By addressing the foundations, the body can be regulated and many symptoms and conditions can improve. This is the opposite of the band-aid approach. Using inflammation as an example, it makes more sense to figure out what's causing inflammation in the body than to just cover it up. This is functional medicine.

research-based protocols

We must have evidence that the recommendations and interventions that we're giving, actually work! We use research as our guiding light to formulate our protocols, and share that information with you so you can also be informed and educated.

Collaborative Care

You know the saying, it takes a village. Well, that's true in healthcare too! There are so many valuable members to a healthcare team, whether that's your primary doctor, a specialist, a chiropractor, acupuncturist, or any others that may be working with you. We COMPLEMENT each other. And it's important to collaborate and communicate with this team so that you can have ALL the support you need to optimize your health. Nutrition & functional medicine is a critical part of any healthcare team, that we can absolutey help you with.

feeding fixer logo

Founder of Feeding Fixer

I founded Feeding Fixer as an online resource for children and adults/seniors that have feeding challenges.  You can find resources on tube feeding, blenderized diets, picky eating, failure to thrive and so much more! 

There are FREE articles you can access as well as courses/programs that may help you along the journey.  This is a central place that has all of the tools, tips, and tricks that I wish I knew when I got started with feeding my challenging children.  

foodicinal logo

Founder of foodicinal

I founded foodicinal to fuel my passion and to extend the reach of this important functional nutrition knowledge to the online community.  I believe everyone should have access to the tools they need to improve their health and change their lives.  

You can find so many resources available ….  FREE articles, FREE recipes and courses/programs to help with all of your health needs.  

foodicinal focuses on a food-as-medicine approach and is a great resource for families, adults and anyone looking for more.